Taste Japan (December / January)

February 28, 2016

Taste Japan Review
Taste Japan is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box that sends snacks directly from Japan. At around £15 monthly, £82.50 for 6 months and £160 for a full year. You can check them out over at:


The box was a little small but there were no fillers inside, you get the normal variety of goods as you would other boxes. Inside were 10 snacks, salty, sweet and savory. A decent mix of everything. The snacks seem to lean more on the traditional side of Japanese snacks, even the toy I found in one of the boxes was a traditional little pizza made of wooden blocks. The company seems to revolve more on the education and tradition of Japan rather than the kawaii, kitchy niche side of Japan.

Nabisco Chip Star Sweet Potato Chips - After trying the nori version and then these, I think I've become a big fan of these Asian Nabisco chips. It has a real subtle, savory taste that you don't see too often in American chips. 

Glico Hearts - This is a very long-standing candy company from Japan (founded in 1922) I've seen their products growing up in all types of different Asian markets. You get the small cracker jack type of prize inside the top box (mine came with a wooden pizza) and in the candy portion there are soft chewy caramel hearts that are like werther's soft chews.

I'm a big fan of the artwork!
Puccho - In their description it says that these are gummies but these are more like hard chewing melon/mango candies. Think hi-chew.

Pandaro - Melon & Original - The old 90s style Asian artwork on all of these treats really bring me back. I was a little disappointed because inside these you get one cookie and mine were both broken so I couldn't see what the snack itself looked like. I really look forward to cookies like the melon one because you don't often see melon flavored cookies in America. Go try it, it's definitely tasty! The original (black) one was just a butter cookie with a panda face on it.

Tamanegi San - Lightly onion flavored, these were soft like cheese puffs but with the flavor of funyons. I really enjoyed these!

Cream Soda Candy - Cream Soda flavored hard candy, these smell like a fruity bubblegum and taste like a creamy milky fruit too.

Puchi Kabukiage - Japanese rice crackers with a sweet soy sauce blend. These are like quintessential Japanese snacking food I'm guessing. In the US you would find peanuts at a bar in Japan you would find these. They looked like little hashbrowns and tasted like heaven. There isn't a situation where these wouldn't be perfect to bring along to snack on.

rice crackers or hasbrowns?

Ousama no Waseremono - A buttery-chocolate cookie in the shape of a crown

Mugikko - Before I found out the name I was calling these bear poopies, because they look like tiny poopies. These were really tasty though, lots of rice puffs covered in a chocolate coating.

Final Impressions

The box had a nice depth to it. Traditional and nothing too wild, it's just all around good snacking with a touch of the orients. If you want to share this with family, parents, grandparents I think they would really enjoy this. The box probably needed something to cushion itself during the flight overseas though to keep the delicate cookies from crumbling away but over all everything was quite a nice treat and I enjoyed all of the snacks. 

If you're interested go ahead and check these guys out here at:

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