Marimo Marshmallow Box (February)

February 29, 2016

Marimo Marshamllow Box Review
Marimo Marshmallow Box comes from the folks over at Marimo Marshmallow store. While not being just a subscription service they do sell a surprising amount of really cute / interesting things on their site including DIY kits, things they include in their boxes, Gudetama themed items <3 and other assorted gifts. Their Marimo Candy Club starts at $11.99 for the Kitten Kibbles pack, $20.99 a month for the Sweet Tooth Pack and $29.99 a month for the Premium Pack.

You can learn more at their site here:

This month we try out lots of Japanese snack subscription services. If you're reading this and wondering what separates this box from the others then I'm here to tell you all about it. All of these snack boxes all have a similar idea, bringing Japanese snacks to your doorstep every month. Each box I have seen so far varies slightly whether they focus more on popular, traditional, niche, weird or kawaii varieties of snacks. With marimo mashmallow it seemed their focus was on DIY items, and the rest being a mix of kawaii-ish sweets. 

The box had bubble wrap and papers with item descriptions inside

From the left we have:

Fruit Gummy Kit - I really loved this, the gummy was beautiful and almost too pretty to eat (but I ate it anyways and it was delightful!) see below.

Pokemon Karipori - These little hard candy sticks came in grape and orange flavor, a really kind of sour citrus-y flavor when eating. Similar to the taste of shock tarts.

Candy Pizza Kit - I watched tons of these videos on youtube of people making miniature Japanese candy so I was really looking forward to making this. I was a little rushed at work so I didn't have time to dutiful do these pizzas justice. However the entire process was fun to do. If you need instructions there are videos online which are easier than guessing the photos on the back. It says "Candy Pizza" but the pizza was more like bagel bites and the potatoes were starchy and tasted like potatoes rather than candy! The "cheese" smelled like mozarella, the "sauce" smelled like tomato and the "meat" smelled meaty. I was enthralled at how everything transformed from powder and water in just a few seconds. Very fun!

Exciting Sticky Candy - I'm not sure if that's the real name of the item or just a lazy translator, this DIY candy kit included wafer sticks that you would dip in a chocolate mixture then into a strawberry icing mixture and finally into a candy mixture. I liked the dips but it only came with 3 thin wafers but you could always just dip other stuff from the box into them if you were feeling adventurous.

Chocolate Lollipop Kit - My second run in with this in a box, this kit comes with three different colored candy coated chocolate balls that you use to decorate a lollipop then fill it in with the melted chocolate bars that are included in the kit to create your own chocolate lollipop masterpiece.

Koala No March - If you're familiar with Asian grocery stores as I am then you're familiar with 2 candies, koala bear chocolate filled cookies and pocky sticks. These brought back some nostalgia.

Pocky Midi (Strawberry Latte) - I'm a little tired of seeing pocky in everything asian (besides matcha ones) but the plain strawberry, vanilla and chocolate staples are terribly trite but at least this one is a latte version with a chocolate stick so it's a slight improvement.

Mystery Flavor Soft Candy - Coming in two different shapes, a star and some kind of pumpkin, I really found this one to be interesting in texture, taste and look! I enjoyed the softness, similar to the mini bananas in the previous kit review. It's kind of like a chewy gummy marshmallow.

Vegetable Juice Ramune - This is my first time finding out it was vegetable juice ramune. No, it did not taste like V8, but it did taste like an orangey fruity candy.

Pokemon Soft Candy - Shaped like chewing gum, this pokemon candy is fully edible and enjoyable.

Overall impressions

The big selling point to this box is the DIY kits. Looking through their store you can tell that they are crazy about them and even if you're not in the mood for boxes you can find plenty of interesting goods in their shop. If you like surprises and like candy that you make yourself then this box is right up your alley.

You can find them over at:

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