Foxy Boxes (February)

February 24, 2016

My Foxy Box (February)

Hello everyone it's starting to warm up again and I decided to sell my car and ride my bike to work until Winter and made it my goal to be less of a tubb until then. In the spirit of working out and living the fit life I decided to go ahead and try out the Gym Goer box from the lovely gals at My Foxy Boxes. It seems to be marketed towards a female audience but all of their supplies seem mostly gender fluid and fine for any one who fits the theme. 

They have four different box options on their site: Endurance Box (gels, chews, suppliments, protein shakes, cardio access., etc.), Gym Athlete Box (fat burners, pre-post workout drinks and bars, skincare, etc.), Weight Loss Box (healthy snacks, supplements, fat burners, energy boosters, accessories, etc.) and a Vegan Athlete Box (similar to the gym go-er box but with vegan snacks, super foods, etc.) You can get these boxes starting at 25.99 (6 months), 27.99 (3 months) and 29.99 monthly.

Pink party up in here

I'm feeling pretty foxy

I received the Gym Goer box in the mail, upon first glance there were a whole lotta packets and a variety of supplements and mixes, like a birthday gift from Dr. Oz himself. The snacks were of course super foods, non-gmo, natural, organic, vegan and what have you. Stretch creams and teeth whitener. I also like the idea of the cards that come with the box that give discounts to the items in case you decide you want to try more of them (ranging from 15-25% off)

Starting from the left we have Somersaults Crunchy Sunflower Seed Bites - Slightly bittersweet but had a nice crunch. I really liked the idea of using sunflower seeds in the cookies.

2x Mini Jimmy Bar! Peanut Butter Clutter bars - These were similar to the PickyBar power bars I received in my earlier reviews. These used a rice cereal base with a peanut buttery/almondy flavor.

Organic Japanese Matcha powder - This is great, my mind was buzzing with ideas when I saw this one. I love matcha and you can use it in so many different ways. I think I will use this for baking mostly.

From the top left going clockwise we have:

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream - .17 oz most of these are sample sizes with coupons attached, has cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil and meadowfoam seed oil, says it has visible results within 2 weeks.

My Magic Mud Teeth Powder - A coconut charcoal calcium based powder, the whole process looked a little horrifying once you use it because your mouth is covered in this black liquid but the after effects seems legit and a much easier solution than leaving strips on your teeth for hours.

My Oatmeal Dirty Banana sample bag - I can't really read the ingredients for this but it looks like there are blueberries, banana chips and oats inside. I'm a big fan of oatmeal so this should make for 1 or 2 breakfast sized bowls.

3x Dr. Price's Vitamix Powders - A whole lotta nurtrients are packed into these, you can make a 10 - 12 oz drink with a bag and it uses a stevia leaf extract. The three included were a metabolism booster, a daily health support, and a rest and sleep support pack.

Last we have Fuel for Fire Tropical drink pouch - The drink was a little thick and rich and didn't taste too sugary. Same consistency as apple sauce almost, but it had a fruity and mineral-like taste to it.

Starting from the top left we have:

Tessemae's All Natural Sauce (Honey Mustard / Lemon Garlic) - Now I'm not sure if this is meant only for salads, I'm going to try the lemon garlic on some baked chicken later on and see how it goes! The honey mustard had a strong dijon flavor, a little bitter I think this is best for salad mixes.

3x Blaistix Chipotle Adobo beef sticks - I'm more of a jerky man myself, I don't really like the texture of beef sticks but I do admire their convenient shape. You get the beef stick-y taste and then the chipotle adobo flavor after which wasn't too bad at all.

Grab The Gold snack bar - These are "unbaked" style cookies/bars which was light and a had a nice mix of ingredients (peanut butter, chocolate, brown rice and fruits)

Final Impressions

Foxy Boxes have a nice variety of items to fit the lifestyles of the growing healthy living youth, ranging from vitamins, powders, snacks, sauces and skincare products. I really would like it if they had a larger volume of the products rather than just the sample sizes but a travel size version of these. It's hard to tell if you really like a product from just a few applications especially if it's one of the skin care products for example. They do work hand in hand with these companies and most of the products come with coupon codes you can only get through foxy boxes so it's not just a random selection. The box definitely gives you some ideas and guides you to finding what items work well with your routine so kudos to that. As a biker myself I think the endurance box would have been a better fit. If you're into active and healthy living then you can try these guys out over at:

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