Apocabox (February)

March 09, 2016

Apocabox January 2016 Crate Review

What is Apocabox? To call this a camping box wouldn't be the correct term, Apocabox is a mixture of tools and gear built for survivalist and hobbyists who are interested in doing things in the wilderness using nature and a minimal amount of gear. Apocabox is a bimonthly subscription service curated by the lively, Creek Stewart who is a sort of wilderness guru who has an survival skills training facility where he teaches newer folks to the scene like me how to utilize nature to the fullest. Apocabox runs about $50 a box plus shipping fees (US, Canada, Europe and AU) 

Check it out at: http://www.myapocabox.com/

First Impressions

If you're into tools and gadgets like I am then this box is great. I looked at previous boxes and was enticed by this box. Now that it's getting warmer I'm sure to start going out into trails and camping locations to test out my new bike. With this box you're sure to have plenty of hours trying out the kits and tools while you're out connecting with nature. 

We'll start off with one of the coolest items in the box. I love handmade things, and Creek has a series going on where each box will have a handmade aboriginal tool inside made by the Reptile Toolworks company in Kentucky. This is the second of four of the series and this tool and kit is called the Hand-Forged Aboriginal Awl with Ojibwa Bird Snare Kit. The bird snare kit of course is a kit you can construct using the instruction guide for bird trapping. The tool itself is a steel awl that can be used for drilling holes, tapping trees and doing on-the-go repairs for your gear. The edges are blunt but the end is sharp and pointy so it's a good tool to pair with a sharp knife.

Creek goes out of his way to hand draw and write all of the instructions and shows proper usage for everything in the box so you don't have to run to wikipedia to figure this stuff out. Great attention to detail.

Next we have two books and a tarp that accompanies one of the booklets. The first is Stuck: A Survival Short Story by the man himself, Creek Stewart. I have been reading a little bit of it but I think it's great to get a first hand look at what the guy has been through and what he's all about. The second is a 6x9 Emergency Tarp and an accompanying booklet titled How to Live Under a Tarp. The tarp is a special heat reflective tarp but is meant for emergency situations so it's good to keep in your car or emergency kit. The booklet shows several ways to set up the tarp for emergency situations,

Here we have x3 Wildflower Honey Straws. Honey is a miracle food that never expires with great healing properties, these honey sticks are a small and convenient way to add flavor to water or meat for that extra flavor and energy. Below we have x2 Latex Balloons and a Milkweed Pod. When I reached into the bag I wasn't sure what to expect, I grabbed onto this strange seed/pod and thought it was a bizarre totem covered in spider webs! This is actually one of Creek's "Skill Challenge" items where he likes to throw in a challenge for the subscribers with items to do something with. The challenge for these is a fire starter challenge which entails using the latex balloons as a point of heat through the utilization of the sun's light and the milkpod as culture for the embers to start burning. A very interesting concept that doesn't involve a pair of eyeglasses!

This next kit is another one of Creek's fire starting skill challenges but with a more interesting looking kit. This Fire Piston Kit is a tool that uses heat from quickly generated compressed air. This one seems like a fun way to make a fire and I'm going to give a try this weekend so look for that post! 

Last we have a banner that has the Apocabox logo on it, not really for survival uses but a cool little freebie he threw in the January box.

Final Impressions

I love this box and once I begin to go out more into expeditions I'll probably keep a subscription with these guys. Creek spends a good amount of time on detailing everything and putting his own experience into the box. He has video tutorials of him using and showing proper use of everything and I already feel like I'm becoming a great survivalist just by knowing these things. It's a bi-monthly box which gives him more time to put all this detail in the box. I absolutely think it's a box for nature hobbyists and anyone who goes out or even lives close to the woods. It gives extra incentive for you to actively go out into nature too, so I'll be getting my butt ready to go out this weekend to try out some of these things! 

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