Sweet Organic Box (January)

February 02, 2016

Sweet Organic Box

January Box Review

Sweet Organic Box is a monthly food subscription based in the U.S. They offer a selection of organic snacks, coffee, tea and sweets (between 6-10) in each box. Boxes start at $45.00 a month with free shipping in the U.S. $15 shipping for Canada and $20 shipping everywhere else.

What exactly is organic?

Organic can be a very generalized term, especially when it comes to foods. Organic is a standard of agriculture which generally means that the ingredients and the process of which the product is made is all done through a natural and ecological way.

First Impressions

The box itself had their logo, a drawing done by what I can assume was the curator's child it really expresses that this box is made for families. The products in the box are meant for those with families, kids, adults and everyone in between. You have sweets for the children and coffee for the adults and kid adults like myself.

In the box:
Annie's Valentine Snack

2 Annie's Valentine Day Fruit Snack Packs

These were really good, I really love the texture of these types of gummies. They were pretty much the bomb and I probably could have devoured a hundred bags. They were on the short side though, only having 4-5 small pieces in each one, it seemed more like a sampler than an item.

Late July Organic Mini Peanut Butter Snacks

If you've have those Ritz peanut butter crackers then you know what these are. Small crackers with some peanut butter. However these were lighter, and the crackers really stood out.

Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar

For all of the omega-3s, antioxidants and organic cocoa this seemed too sweet to sound that healthy but it was just like eating a cut of brownie with some nice walnuts thrown in.

Kid Organic ZBAR Chocolate Brownie Bar

This one was a wholly different bar than the Pure brand brownie bar. This bar had more of a nutrigrain bar minus the filling.

TRUJOY Choco Chews

This bag contained a bunch of tootsie roll like chocolates, the flavor however had a more mature taste with a stronger cocoa presence and less of a sugar bomb taste.

NibMor Drinking Chocolate

I'm thinking chocolate is this month's theme, with this bag you can make a cup of hottie chocolate with a cup of hot milk. I'm a huge fan of hot chocolate and organic or not, they are all great. This was no exception, nice and milky, hot and smooth just like every hot chocolate should be.

OCHO Caramel

I expected these to be like werther's caramel hard candy but each one is actually a caramel filled chocolate much like a big ol' ghiradelli cube. These were great, I love caramel filled chocolates and the chocolate was smooth and soft while the caramel was sticky and sweet. 

Organic Hard Candies - Cherry

These candies were good, there were a bunch inside so I kept popping them throughout the entire day. They tasted fruity, not too sweet, thing is when you eat a lot of hard candies you get a weird feeling at the sides of your mouth but I didn't with these (was it the absence of all those glutens?? who knows..)

Organic & Fair Trade Cranberry Orange Bar

I've worked at World Market before and I'm familiar with this massive world of gourmet chocolate bars. It's a little funny how this box has both Valentine and Christmas themed goods, I guess being in January there isn't any food related around New Years food that doesn't revolve around cocktails. I don't like eating citrus flavored chocolate but the cranberries were nice and crunchy.

Santa Caws Coffee

And finally we have another Christmas themed item, Santa Caws Coffee. I haven't tried it yet, but the roast smelled like a nice blend. If you're worried that organic foods expire quicker and this being a Christmas themed item don't worry because the expiration date wasn't until late March.

Final Verdict

Overall I had a good time trying everything out. If you're a chocophile then this was your box of the month. I think that the Annie's fruit snack and the Hot chocolate pack were more or less samples than full items but everything else was a solid item. This box would be great for families and eco concerned humans. If you're a fan of sweets and care about the organic process of making foods, and eating sweets that are prepared organically then you will also like this.

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